Power of web technologies - Digital Trip game

The sky is the limit - for web technologies. Modern browsers have hardly any limits anymore.
It's remarkable what we can do with web technologies today. Even full-fledged 3D has already become a reality, and you can see the example of it in Digital Trip, a short browser game that beautifully illustrates and proves this fact.

Digital Trip is an open-sourced game that was coded by Dmitry Akimov and is based on WebGL. The game tells quite a story about modern web technologies and the capabilities of the web. To play the game you can use your keyboard, an external device or webcam to control it and collect web-themed objects and cryptocoins. The game is quite meta and a fascinating example of creative coding. In case you want to know more about this game, you'll also find the source on GitHub. Be aware though... the game is pretty addictive!


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