Need charts on website - TRY Chart.js

Chart.js is free, easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers. Built around HTML5 Canvas. With chart.js you can create cool charts and save time that you would spend for doing it yourself.

JS Charts  requires little or no coding for you to create highly customizable bar charts, pie charts and line graphs. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.

But, there is always but

But if you are looking to add interaction as a layer to charts, Chart.js is not the library for you. A better option would be using SVG, as this will let you attach event listeners to any of the elements in the chart, as these are all DOM nodes.
Chart.js uses the canvas element, which is a single DOM node, similar in characteristics to a static image. This does mean that it has a wider scope for compatibility, and less memory implications than SVG based charting solutions. The canvas element also allows for saving the contents as a base 64 string, allowing saving the chart as an image.

If you are not happy with Chart.js you can try some other JS charting libary.

Some of them:


This project is an attempt to build re-usable charts and chart components for d3.js without taking away the power that d3.js gives you.

Google chart

Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. Google Chart Tools provides many chart types for you to use. Although the default appearance is best for most situations, you can easily customize a chart to fit the look and feel of your website.


Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering intuitive, interactive charts to your web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange and polar chart types.