Intel Announces 'XDK' HTML5 Development Environment

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Intel has released HTML5 development environment. Intel XDK is an integrated software application development system to develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple operating systems. It is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.

Intel insists that it "cares" about HTML5 because it believes it is important to help experienced and new developers transition to the cross-platform HTML5 approach so that they can deploy their apps and games on nearly all modern computing platforms. Programmers will be able to use the App Framework and App UI Library as a jQuery-compatible framework for UX (user experience) needs.

The Intel HTML5 Development Environment includes the "App Dev Center". This includes a free packaging service that lets developers build HTML5 and PhoneGap apps for iOS, Android, Amazon, Nook, Facebook, and other app stores.

The App Game Interfaces in the new software environment are designed to augment the canvas object with multi-channel sound, accelerated physics, and accelerated canvas to provide more realistic modeling and smoother gameplay; i.e., more like native capabilities and performance with HTML5.

The XDK has been designed to make it very easy for a developer to check look and feel on diverse hardware platforms.  The XDK’s debugging tools allow testing with on-screen emulation, local on-device, and remotely anywhere in the world without requiring ad-hoc builds or security certificates.

"With the Intel XDK, developers really can "write it once, deploy to many".

You can download here:

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